Family Matters

Well, we finally got our oldest daughter up on a bicycle and riding well. She can balance, brake and corner without falling on her knees, and I am so proud! However, this morning she woke me up EARLY to inform me she wanted to go bike riding, and she wanted me to go with her as she’s still a little scared. I said “Is your sister awake? We can’t leave her here by herself!” So we waited another two hours for “baby” sis to get up (she likes her sleep, just like her mommy) and after breakfast we all went for a bike ride to the convenience store to get bubble gum. Ah, childhood! The fun, simple pleasures of getting on a bike for a run to the candy store. And while I didn’t have a “deja vu day” on this, it did remind me of the little town near where I grew up. My brother and I would ride our bikes to Reese’s Tavern, where for 50 cents you could get a candy bar and a bottle of pop. Mr. Reese would open the bottle and pour your soda into a glass for you, and you could sit there in the air conditioning and have a nice snack. Reese’s is gone now (I swear, my old hometown is the only small town in Iowa without a tavern) but it’s nice to know there’s a safe place my girls can go for their little treats. My only wish is that they could buy their stuff for the same price that I bought mine.

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