Pardon My Bragging

As I mentioned previously, my oldest daughter suffers from autism. I say “suffers” but it really doesn’t hold her back much. She just needs to take her time. And I KNOW I mentioned that she is incredibly smart. Therefore, I must now brag upon her. Yesterday was the opening day of our county fair, and it’s my daughter’s first year in 4-H. She has three projects: 1 – an animal science poster on our dog, 2 – a food and nutrition entry of “unbaked” cookies (the kind you make on the stove with cocoa, sugar, peanut butter and oatmeal) and 3 – the Sunday pet show where she will show our dog. Well, yesterday they judged the poster and the cookies and my oldest baby won a blue ribbon for the poster and AN OUTSTANDING JUNIOR PURPLE RIBBON on her cookies!!! Yeah!!! I can’t even begin to describe how proud I am of her. If you would have told me in her preschool years that she would achieve this, I’d have said you were crazy. But thanks to the all the prayers over the years from our family, friends and church, God has blessed her to be able to overcome her disability and achieve great things. THANK YOU LORD!!!! Oh, and while all of you are out there praying, pray for her on Sunday as she will be showing our 105 pound black lab and rottweiler mixed dog and the fair’s pet show. The dog’s a handful to control, but I know my girl will do her best. Just pray that the dog will cooperate!

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One thought on “Pardon My Bragging

  1. YAY HANNAH!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh Nancy, by the way……do you know that you are an excellent writer? I never realized you had this ability…

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