It’s Over

Well, it’s over. “What’s over?” you may ask. The answer is: several things. The mystery dinner theatre I was performing in is over (has been for a week). The Week of the Deck is over, and the deck is 85% complete. We will (hopefully) be returning to our beloved relative’s in two weeks to finish the work. Yes, Labor Day is two weeks away, but it’s a family tradition that you Labor on Labor Day. Camping and fun on a holiday? Are you kidding? There’s WORK to be done! Also over, almost, is the summer. My daughters will start school on Thursday and for some reason, this year, I’m reluctant to let them go. Of course I’m making them go, but this year I’ll miss them being around making noise and messes and not finishing their meals. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because they matured so much this summer that I don’t want to see it end. But at least I’ll have more time for painting! And I’ve already tidied up around the workshop, so I can get started right away.

One thing that’s never over is the work to be done around here, so I best get back to it. My Mom gave me a magnet once that says “If a woman’s work is never done, why start?” A nice sentiment, but my husband won’t let me use it as an excuse. Oh, well.

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