The Perils of Boo-Boo, Part Two

Sunday, I went to my parents house for an overnight stay. I had some business to transact in their town (namely, I wanted to borrow a trombone from my brother) so I stayed over until Monday. However, Monday morning my husband calls me and tells me Boo-Boo woke up at 4 am with a fever and she was throwing up. I apologized for not being at home, but he said he could handle things as long as I was home in time for him to go to his 5 pm meeting with some co-workers. Fine, I said. So I was home in plenty of time and off my husband went to meet with with his Master’s Degree study group. (Have I ever mentioned that my husband is working on getting two master’s degrees right now? Plus he works full time and STILL has time for his kids. What a stud!) Anyway, so off he went, and I was home with the girls. Boo didn’t want any supper, just some juice, and afterward I took the girls upstairs for their baths. By this time Boo was very lethargic, so I took her temperature. It was over 104. And she vomited again, three times. So I called the pediatrician who said Get her checked out. However, after 8 pm all that’s available is the emergency room, so I called my husband to come home (where my oldest daughter was) and I took Boo-Boo to the hospital. There, they tried to give her Tylenol, but she barfed again, so (MY POOR BABY!) they gave it to her in suppository, along with an anti-vomit medication. They were worried about strep throat and meningitis, so they took a swab from her throat and blood from her arms. They had to poke both arms because the first time they poked her she jumped and yanked out the needle, so they had to try again on the other side with me and a nurse holding her down. Well, fortunately, after all that medical indignation she suffered, the doctor told me that it’s a virus (and a nasty one at that) so she’s home with me today, asleep on the sofa-sleeper in the living room. There’s more to this story (like me running to the 24/7 pharmacy at 4 am this morning) but I’m running out of time and space. I promise to update everyone on Boo’s recovery, and also to write a (hopefully) humorous blog about my newfound experience at fantasy football.

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