Getting Punted

First of all, an update. Boo-Boo is feeling better. This has been one of the nastiest viruses I’ve seen, and so please pray that she doesn’t give it to anyone else. She’s been out of school all week with fevers, vomiting, a rash and a cough (which just started yesterday). Poor baby, it’s been a rough road, but she’s really handled it well with lots of rest, fluids, Charlie Brown DVDs, My Little Pony toys and a few loving licks from Moose Mutt. She even got a phone call from a classmate who, when told Boo would be out all week, said “Waa! I miss her!” That was so sweet! She should be back in school Monday, praise the Lord.

Now, on to football, my favorite sport. And I’m not just saying that because I have a shirt-tail cousin in the NFL. I like the action, the strategy (as far as I understand it) and the way the fans interact with their teams. I mean, have you ever been to a baseball game where the people started tailgating ten hours before the game, and then went in to watch with their faces painted in their team’s colors and silly headgear poised on their craniums? No! Baseball is boring – it’s a bunch of guys standing around waiting for a ball to fly in their direction. There’s no cheerleaders, no marching bands, and no half-naked guys with “CUBS” painted in large letters on their chests. That kind of juvenile behaviour is relegated to football, and being somewhat juvenile myself, I love it, and I love to participate in it. Therefore, when I found out that our church had a fantasy football league, I asked to join in. They let me, and I am the only female manager in a ten team league. It’s fun! I drafted players, and when my roster needed some changes, I dropped and added a few guys. I’ve had to do some shuffling to get what I want, but I think I have a decent team. And I must admit, that even though I’m ninth out of ten after the first week, it wasn’t by much. I only lost the first game by half a point, and the players that didn’t perform for me because of injuries got traded out. So hopefully week two will be better. But the manager of another team told me something very important when I confided in him how nervous I was. He said it didn’t matter if I had a lineup of all stars, it really came down to luck because everybody has bad days. So I’ll post updates on my team’s progress, and let you know how I fare at the end of the season. Now I need to go paint my face blue and yellow and put on my wig. Go Kickers!

P.S. I know “Kickers” is a weak name for a football team, but it’s a reference to my shirt-tail NFL cousin. If I do this, next year, my team name will be Nuclear Moose.

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