Football Update 3, and the Desires of my Heart

First, the football update. The good news is, I WON MY FIRST GAME! The bad news is twofold: A) I’m still last in the league and B) the guy I beat is my “football mentor” and a very good friend, so I’m feeling guilty. Euphoria and guilt at the same time. I can handle it.

And now to the desires of my heart. For years, I’ve wanted to live on a “real” farm. No, not the Hollywood-1920’s version of a farm (like the one Dorothy lives on in “Wizard of Oz”) but a place with acres of land for a big garden, an orchard, a pond, and some livestock. I’ve wanted a horse since I was Boo-Boo’s age, and Boo-Boo wants one, too. So does her sister.

Well, anyway, last week in our local paper there was an advertisement for a land auction. Three parcels are being offered, and one of them is very near to where we currently live. It’s 80 acres of undeveloped rolling farmland with two possible pond sites, and it’s beautiful. The problem is, right now land like this goes for around $3250 an acre, and that’s expensive. Its the kind of land that real estate investors love to purchase, especially when land values went up 14% last year, and the stock market didn’t. I don’t know how to compete with people like that, and I don’t know how we’d afford the payments if we did win. All I do know is that, if God wants us to have this parcel of property, He’ll find a way to make it happen.

That’s where you, the reader, come in. Please, I beg of you, pray that if it is God’s will, he’ll open the doors and enable us to purchase this farmland. Also pray that if God says “No” or “Not right now” that I won’t be depressed and discouraged, but I will make the best of my current situation and wait for the next opportunity. The first desire of my heart is to do God’s will. The second desire of my heart is to be a farm owner. Please be in prayer for me, that these things will come to be, and in the order listed. I’ll update you all on the outcome of the auction, which is to be held on October 21. Thanks.

P.S. To my niece – you can be assured that, if I do have to move, I won’t be pregnant! (Ha ha!)

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