Football Update 4, and other News

Whoopee! I won another game! And I finally scored over 100 fantasy game points (I don’t remember my season score) which now puts me in 9th place in the league. I owe my success to my football mentor (who I beat last week, but he forgave me). Mr. Mentor and his lovely wife came over for dinner Saturday and after the meal he showed me how to use some of the tools for choosing players, and he helped me revamp my defense. So I beat last week’s opponent rather handily. I think I’m finally getting the hang of this, but I’m still keeping the team name Weenie Meisters to remind me to be humble.

SCARECROW NEWS: Nader is still a head, Bush is standing tall after suffering a major fall in the poles, and Kerry is slumping. Poor Kerry. If the rain would stop I’d go out there, grab him by his frame and hitch him back up, because right now he’s sitting on his butt in the grass and looking rather forlorn. I will admit we’ve had some bad weather lately – at one point Bush was blown completely off his stump and we had to build him a new platform, but now he’s recovered his position and is in a swinging state. Hopefully Kerry will experience a rebound before too much longer and he’ll be back up flip-flopping in the wind (as usual).

That’s all the news for all of you’s who gots to snooze. Goodbye!

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