Update to Waiting

Well, the land auction was today and the 80 acre property went for the price we anticipated, i.e. alot more than we could afford. However, we kept an eye on the buyer and approached him after the sale. We asked him (and his real estate broker, who was sitting with him) if he’d be interested in selling off the portion that we most liked, and he said he’d think about it. He also said that if he didn’t want to break up that 80 acres, he might have some smaller tracts that we might be interested in. So there is hope. If the Lord continues opening doors, Carl and I will continue to walk through them. Oh, we also talked to the banker (the one who said “no” politely earlier) and he sounded enthusiastic about helping us with financing. So pray for God’s will, and if no more doors open then He has a reason for us to stay put. THANKS to all my readers who pray for us. We really appreciate it.

Luv Ya!

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