Football Update 6, and Other Ramblings

To say I lost this week’s game is an understatement. I got the everlovin’ snot whupped out of me. I’ve made some roster changes, so hopefully I’ll win the next game. I’m still 7th in the league, though.

My first craft show of the season starts Thursday. I’m not as nervous this year as I have been in past years, because this year I’m only doing two shows and rather than going through books and magazines trying to figure out what the buying public wants, I’m just painting what I want. I’m using up projects that have been sitting around my shop for years, so I haven’t had to invest that much in new stock. I’ll let you know how the season goes.

In a previous blog, I mentioned that I sat outside with my dog on Halloween handing out toys to the kids. I said that Judah really liked the kids, but I forgot to mention that he liked most of the adults, too. The one guy he didn’t like was a fellow wearing a Miller Lite jacket and a cap that said “Over The Hill Hippie”. Judah growled and barked at that guy. Hmph.

I went and voted this morning, and the line (for a town of this size) was pretty long. But because it’s a small town most of the people in line knew each other and we were able to talk and joke and generally have a good time while we were waiting. The weather was cold, cloudy and windy, but our polling place is the town fire station so us voters were able to wait inside, away from the weather. This is nice town!

Well, I must continue preparations for my craft show. See ya!

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