Now I’m Organized!

I bought a new purse the other day. Now, that’s not a strange comment for a female to make: however, this is no ordinary purse. This is an ORGANIZED purse. Actually, its one of those backpack/briefcase hybrid – thingies. It has two big pouches on the inside, a flap with a zippered pouch on the outside, and a place for pens and credit cards. I bet you’re asking yourself, “How can this be organized? She’ll just dump everything from her old purse into her new purse and it will be just as messy as before.” That’s where you’re WRONG!! You see, the nice thing about this purse is that each inner pouch is big enough to hold a 7″ x 11″ x 2″ Plano fishing lure storage container. That’s right! I sorted the contents of my purse into two flat style tackle boxes and put one box in each inner pouch of my purse. I have one box for my “medicines” (Tylenol and such, plus wet wipes and kleenex) and one for my tools. That’s right, tools. I carry a measuring tape, pocket knife, multi-tool and a roll of black electrical tape in my purse. I know most women carry lipstick, compacts and other makeup in their purses, but other women aren’t the chairs of their church’s Building Ministry. I’m always having to fix something, or get measurements on something to have it fixed. So it’s convenient to carry these tools with me. Besides, no amount of makeup can change my face. (Take that remark as you like. ) But don’t worry, Mom. I’m not going completely tomboy on you. I do carry hand lotion, a comb, and a few other “feminine” things in those tackle boxes, so don’t freak out.

SCARECROW UPDATE: Now that both Halloween and the election are over, I have taken down my Candidate Scarecrow display. I thought I was going to have to leave it up for a few more weeks while the politicos fought over Ohio, but fortunately Mr. Kerry very kindly and wisely conceded the victory to Mr. Bush. Whew!

Well, I must go. Boo-Boo will be home soon. Bye!

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