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An amazing thing happened to me yesterday. Actually, the whole thing started Wednesday evening during supper. I had just spent a little over two hours setting up my booth for my first craft show when I got a call from one of the board members who run this show. She told me that “my tags were illegal”. Grrr!!! An explanation: this is a show with a community register. Every vendor has a number and when the customer checks out, the board keeps your tags and then pays you what you earned (minus their expenses cut). Vendors are supposed to have a certain size tag, and if your tag is the wrong size, its illegal. Well, I bought my tags several years ago, and recently the board went to a larger size tag, and I didn’t realize it. But I was furious that I’d bought tags from them and now had to buy NEW tags, and they wouldn’t reimburse on the old ones. Anyway, so to keep things legal, I went in as soon as I could Thursday morning to change out each and every tag I had. It took me two hours. Grrr!!! again. However, while I was on my knees stamping and writing out tags, a couple came up and looked at my cake pan clocks. Another explanation: I took some 8″ cake pans, drilled holes through them, painted them and inserted clockworks. The couple just gushed over those clocks. The lady turned to me and said “Did you make these?” I said “Yes, Ma’am” and she said “This is what I like to see, something original. Not the same old stuff they have every year.” I was already speechless by all this praise, but then I went into complete shock when her husband turned to me and said, “You’re very clever.” I’m used to having my stuff called cute, but to be called clever by someone other than a family member totally blew me away. They were very nice people, but I wish (since they were so impressed) that they’d have bought one. Oh, well. By my calculations I made around $160 yesterday, and there’s still two days left to go.

Meanwhile, my dishwasher is still broken and will remain broken until either the Thanksgiving or Christmas breaks. It could be worse. It could be my washing machine and/or dryer that broke. I don’t have to go to a laundomat and sit there doing nothing while my clothes wash. With my dishwasher broken, I can handwash dishes while my laundry’s going. I can handle this.

My dog has developed the habit of standing in the back yard and barking, and then when I scold him and tell him to be quiet, he comes to the door and begs to come in. Oooh, that dog is a pro. Those big, sad brown eyes, the floppy ears kinda perked up, the tilt of the head, his little whine. I have a hard time saying no. Only my youngest daughter is a better beggar than the dog, because she’s cuter and knows how to hold my hands, hug me, look up at me with her big blue eyes and say “Plleeeeze Mommy?” Grrr.

Speaking of “plleeeeze” I get really annoyed by singers who, in an attempt to wax emotional during their song, drag out their “L’s”. For pete’s sake, people! You sound like your tongue is stuck to the roof of your mouth. Go put away your emotive 70’s and 80’s ballad CD’s and get some REAL music.

I recommend Bob Seger.

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One thought on “Show Update and Random Thoughts

  1. What a great story! Yes, Nancy, you are CLEVER – about time you knew that! $160! Show me the money!!!

    Bob Seger — specifically, the whole section of Live Bullet that starts with U.M.C. and ends with Let It Rock….man, it just don’t get much better than that. ROCK ON, SISTER!!

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