Football & Show Updates, Plus Other Stuff

Football update #7: I won! Barely, but I won. I’m still 7th in the league, but at least I’m not dropping.

Show update: I think I will net around $290 after the board adds everything up and they take their cut. I probably won’t see a check until December, but at least I’ll get a check.

And speaking of checks, Carl told me that he will be getting a nice merit bonus check from his workplace. He also said that when we combined it with the income tax refund and the trade in value on our current minivan we should be able to get a new vehicle in late January. He gave me permission to start researching vehicles, so I started today at the Dodge dealership. I checked out the Durango SUV and the Grand Caravan minivan. I rejected the Durango outright because it has minimal storage capacity and I need a vehicle I can haul my craft show stuff in. However, the Grand Caravan was intensely impressive. It has “stow and go” seating, which means when it’s time to load up for a show, all I have to do is pull a few straps and the seats disappear into storage wells. The van I looked at (and eventually test drove) had all the neat bells and whistles like a DVD player (with RCA jacks) CD player, power sliding doors (on both sides) and power hatch. And when I drove it, it was smooth, had great acceleration and a sound system worthy of cranking up when the Doors came on the radio. The engine is built for do it yourself maintenance, with all the fluid intakes within easy reach and an oil filter that’s right up front, and you don’t have to reach into the engine compartment to get it off. I still need to go check out the Ford SUV’s and the Freestar minivan, but they’re going to have to have something really impressive to beat out the Grand Caravan.

So…anyone out there want to buy a white Ford Windstar?

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