Any Color But White

This is what I told the Ford dealer this afternoon when I went out in further search of the perfect replacement vehicle for my Windstar. This guy was a good sales rep, who definitely knows his product. I had already been to a different Ford dealership and also a Mercury dealership and neither of those sales reps knew their elbow from their, well, I can’t say because my Mom might be reading this. Anyway, the sales rep at this particular Ford dealership knew what he was talking about, and after listening to what I wanted, he took me out to the lot and showed me a Ford Expedition. Now, I had seen the Expedition before at the previous Ford dealership and was not impressed because when you fold down the seats, they don’t go flat (or so I thought). I need flat interior storage space for my craft show stuff. But when I said that to the rep today, he walked around to the seat I was complaining about, flipped a lever and viola! The seat (this is the second row seat) went flat! And I was impressed. So much so, that I took it for a test drive. This is a very nice SUV – it handles well for a large vehicle, and with the Triton 5.4L engine, it has a lot of pickup. (HA!) I didn’t get a chance to check out the sound system, but oh well. And, after we went back to the dealership to talk some more, the sales rep tells me, “Oh, by the way, we’re having this promotion where if you take a test drive you get a free turkey. You want one?” So I came home with a renewed sense of confusion over which vehicle I like better (Grand Caravan vs. Expedition) and a frozen turkey.

My girls have a friend over. My oldest just got a book “How to draw 50 dogs” and she’s showing her friend the pictures she’s drawn. She just said, “And this is a Kerry Blue Terrier. Not like John Kerry.” I’m still chuckling.

Another great quotable movie is Singing In The Rain. In this quote, Gene Kelly (G) and Donald O’Conner (D) are trying to annoy Gene’s speaking coach:

Both (in rhythm) – “Moses supposes his toeses are roses but Moses supposes erroneously”

D: A mose is a mose

G: A rose is a rose

D: A toes is a toes

Both: Hoop dee do dee doodle!

Then they start singing and dancing. (Big surprise there)

Tonight, I have to watch that movie again.

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