A Fond Farewell to Moby

It’s official – I now own (via Ford Motor Credit) a red 2004 Ford Expedition, and Moby belongs to the dealership. We got a really good deal because Carl is a good negotiator, and Ford is selling off their 2004’s to make room for 2005’s. And this vehicle has all the features I wanted except the DVD player, but Ford gave us money (rolled into the loan) to buy an after-market unit. Wal-Mart carries them, but they only had one brand, so I’ll have to send Carl to various electronic stores to see what they have to offer. Gee, what a difficult task to send an engineer on: “Honey, would you go to the electronics stores and see what kind of vehicle DVD players they have?” Geek heaven.

Here’s some of the details on my SUV (ooh, that sounds good!) – it has the 5.4L Triton engine, 300 horsepower, power windows/doorlocks/rear seats/etc, cruise, CD – 6 changer, towing package and fog lamps. It’s red, but not bright fire engine red. It’s more of a dark, Tampa Bay Buccaneers red, but not maroon (burgundy) like our F-150 is. It’s really nice. Tomorrow it’s going to the shop for after-market body treatments (rustproof, etc) and then Carl will pick it up after work. Yee Haw!

That means that Carl will drive poor old Moby to work for one last time. All in all, Moby’s been a good little van, even though the transmission went out on me in the Westdale Mall parking lot. However, when we got the minivan seven years ago, I had to trade in my Ford Ranger, a vehicle which I really loved, and I never quite got over the resentment of losing my pickup. I like the feel of sitting up and looking over the traffic. Vans are better than sedans, but I still felt like a blue state soccer mom in Moby. Well, no more. But when Mary realized we were trading Moby in, she cried. “I’ll miss Moby! He was my friend!” Ooh, those little seven year old tears just ripped into me. I’m sure she’ll get over it, though, the next time we drive to Bettendorf or South Dakota and she can watch movies all the way there.

So adieu, Moby. Thank you for all the safe trips to craft shows with all my stuff piled in the back. No, I won’t miss dragging out your bench seats, but oh well. Thank you also for all the safe trips to the Quad Cities, Illinois, South Dakota, and Atkins Elementary School. Thanks for tolerating the food spills, grocery hauls and dog hair. Thanks for the good gas mileage, which is the only thing about you I’ll miss (other than the fact that you were paid for). Thanks for being cheap enough when we needed you, and big enough to hold two adults, two baby seats, a diaper bag, and suitcases all at once.

Goodbye, Moby. It’s been a real trip.

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