Getting In The Mood

I’m finally really starting to get into my Christmas mood (despite the best efforts of the CR Building Dept). I’ve got almost all the decorating done. All that’s left is the girls’ rooms, and first I have to clean them. I did Mary’s room today; it took me around 5 hours to complete. Tomorrow I tackle Hannah’s room. Hers is worse than Boo-Boo’s. But the girls are providing us with a lot of holiday entertainment. For instance, one of our favorite Christmas CD’s is Riders In The Sky “Christmas the Cowboy Way”. On this disc is the song “The Twelve Days of Cowboy Christmas”, which starting from Five goes:

“Five golden notes

Four fiddlin’ kings

Three bass thumps

Two manly strums

And a yodel-a-dee-ee-yodel-oh-ah-tee”

Hopefully you all know enough about Riders In The Sky to understand what these lyrics mean. If you don’t, leave a comment and I’ll explain later. But I digress. I played this CD on the way to Williamsburg last Saturday, and the girls’ thought the lyrics were “Three bass thumbs, two manly skunks” so now whenever that song plays the girls sing their lyrics, and every time they do it, it sounds hysterical. I guess maybe you had to be there.

Another “you had to be there” moment came tonight at the dinner table. Mary was in a really good mood, and reminded me at the end of the meal to take my meds. (I have a twice daily prescription.) Anyway, she went and got my script bottle and even offered me some of her juice. Awwww! Then I said to Carl, “What a smart girl to remind Mommy to take her meds” and Carl said “Yes, she is smart” Then I turned to Mary and asked “What made you so smart?” and she said “School made me smart. BUUURRRP!” What a lovely Kodak moment. (Insert heavy sarcasm here.) This is my precious, innocent little angel, and she burps like a frat boy. Definitely her Dad’s genetics, not mine.

So I’m sitting here, blogging away, and Carl comes in from the kitchen where he’s doing his homework and reads what I’ve written. He walks back into the kitchen, and belches. Loudly. Gee, I wonder where Mary gets her example from…

There’s been some other stuff that happened today, but I can’t remember what it was because I’m really tired. Therefore, I’m going to bed.

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