Government Insanity, Part Two

For the past two years, our congregation has put on a “Living Nativity”, and I mean living. We had actors dressed in perfect costumes (which were large enough to accomodate our insulated overalls). We had a cool set (partially designed by me, but made into reality by a bunch of other people smarter than me) and tapes and CD’s people could play in their cars that told the Christmas story as they drove along down the set. We had people managing traffic who did a marvelous job despite the fact that our church building is located along one of the busiest streets in Cedar Rapids (Collins Road). We even had real animals: Jacob’s sheep, goats, calves, donkeys, miniature horses and an honest-to-goodness camel. It was quite a production, but it was the only one like it in town and it presented the real, true meaning of Christmas in a way that people could enjoy.

Well, enter once again the City of Cedar Rapids. I’m not sure exactly what the problem is, but I got a call tonight informing me that the Living Nativity was canceled for this year because the City is hassling us. I have no doubt that the guys in charge (Kevin and Dennis) will work hard over the next year to make things right (because these are two really wonderful and competent guys) but its still incredibly aggravating to have this ministry opportunity taken away from us because of bureaucratic over-regulation. I guess we must be doing something right, because Satan is working overtime (via the City) to make our service to Christ as difficult as possible. Well, guess what? My Master is more powerful than Satan, and he ain’t gonna win.

So there!

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