Effects of Fantasy Football

I’ve been the manager of the Weenie Meisters for 14 weeks now. My record is 6 wins, 8 losses, and I’m 6th in a 10 team league. Not bad for a rookie manager who had absolutely no idea of what she was getting herself into. I thought I’d do alot worse (ie, win no games and be last in the league) so I’m pleasantly surprised.

However, managing a fantasy team has had an effect on me that I positively did not expect, and that is, it changed the way I watched football. Take last week, for instance. I had three wide receivers on my team: Muhsin Muhammed of the Carolina Panthers, Eddie Kennison of the Kansas City Chiefs and Donald Driver of the Green Bay Packers. I can only play two WR’s per Sunday, so I had to choose between Kennison and Driver since Muhammed is my first choice receiver. I went with Kennison for several reasons (and I don’t have enough time to enumerate them all). This made watching football tough, because I like the Packers, but since Driver was on my bench I found myself yelling at the TV, “NO! Don’t throw it to Driver! Throw it to Franks or Green, anyone but Driver!” Brett Favre ignored me, and Driver racked up 11 points. Completely useless points, and I found myself growling before Monday Night Football, “Kennison had better come through in spades for me”. That hurt, because Kansas City played against the Tennessee Titans, one of my favorite teams, and the one team that has a distant (and I do mean distant) relative of mine playing on it. (He’s the punter, Craig Hentrich). It was hard, rooting for the Chiefs against the Titans, but I did it, except for those moments when my distant cousin was on the field. Didn’t you just LOVE the fake punt he pulled off? No wonder opposing special teams are afraid of Cousin Craig. But anyway. For the rest of the game I was urging KC on. I was especially urging Trent Green (KC’s lousy quarterback) to throw to Kennison. He did, and Kennison got two touchdowns, and also one tackle when Green didn’t throw the ball far enough and the safety intercepted the pass right in front of Kennison. Fortunately, Kennison did come through for me and gave me 16.5 points, enough for me to handily beat my fantasy opponent. (Sorry Kelli!) But I find myself rooting for teams I never thought I would. I root for Pittsburgh and not for Dallas because I’ve got Rothlisberger at QB and I dumped Testaverde. I root for both the Bears and the Packers, which makes it really hard when they play each other. There’s only two more weeks left in our league’s season (we don’t play week 17) and I’m in the consolation bracket against a team that posted 117 points last Sunday (compared to my 90.5 points). I’ve got some fine tuning to do, and I have alot of thinking to do now that I have FOUR wide receivers (I picked up Drew Bennett of the Titans). Decisions, decisions, decisions.

And speaking of decisions, my wonderful hubby Carl has decided to replace our old dishwasher. There are several reasons for this. One, a new machine isn’t that much more expensive than the cost of fixing our old machine and two, Carl got a nice gift certificate from work that he plans to use toward the purchase of a new machine. Three, the machine we want is on sale and Four, we get another 10% off if we go in Saturday at 7 am and buy it. So that’s what Carl plans to do. And since he’s taking next week off, he’ll have plenty of time to install it. What a manly man, my husband, able to install dishwashers and fix truck engines, yet able to spend quality time with his family. What a guy! (Insert contented sigh here.)

Well, I must be going. I promised the girls I’d bake cookies today so that they could frost them when they get home. ‘Bye now!

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