Wisconsin Dreamin’

Carl, the girls and I went to the Wilderness Resort in the Wisconsin Dells over Christmas. This was our gift to each other, and a replacement for the vacation we didn’t take this summer. I could write pages upon pages about what we did, but I’ll try to condense it as much as possible.

1) Getting there: uneventful, except for getting lost in Madison. This is a town that really needs a highway bypass.

2) Where we stayed: we rented a “villa” for 4 nights. This is basically a two story townhouse type of thing with a kitchen, living room, two bathrooms and two bedrooms. It was very nice, except that the water was extremely hard.

3) What we did: we got in on Wednesday, unpacked and went to bed. On Thursday and Friday we played in their two indoor waterparks, the Wild West and the Klondike Kavern. The Wild West was more fun, with more to do, and the girls loved it. The girls got to play in the indoor “playground” for the first half of Saturday. This was a kind of fort-thingy with tube slides, climbing nets, and air cannons that shot Nerf balls. After lunch (which wasn’t that tasty and was way overpriced) we went back to the Wild West waterpark. Evenings (all four of them) were spent in the villa, where we watched movies or read books or played games – real family time except for the few hours I watched NFL football and cursed the choices I made for this week’s lineup. More on that later. MUCH later.

4) Coming back: we took the scenic route so as to avoid Madison. This was fine, and very pretty. Wisconsin has this strange geography where you see flat farm fields, then all of the sudden behind the field a hill rises steeply upwards. I’m going to spend some time looking up why Wisonsin’s like this, but I think it’s due to the way the glaciers moved through the area. The only bad part about the scenic route was Mary. She’d had a cold coming on, and she was sniffling pretty bad Sunday morning. So we gave her a couple boxes of “kleenex” provided by the hotel and told her to blow her nose so that her ears would unplug. However, the “kleenex” is actually industrial grade sandpaper and by the time we got to Black Earth, Mary’s nose was raw and chapped, and she cried all the way from Black Earth to Platteville, poor girl. We tried to find someplace to stop in Mount Horeb or Dodgeville, but we couldn’t see anything from the highway. By the time we got to the Platteville exit, I told Carl “I don’t care if we don’t see anything from the highway, get off anyway!” We did, and fortunately the first place we saw was your friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart. I ran in and bought Mary some kids’ Benadryl and some decent Kleenex with lotion. I also bought some candy to make the rest of the trip go easier. After Wal-Mart we found a place to eat and after that, got back in the SUV and headed home. Poor little Mary was asleep before we even left Platteville, and we got home safely and quietly.

So here we are, home at last. The girls are tucked up in bed, I’m here blogging, and I have no idea where Carl is. Probably upstairs crashed on the bed. I think I’ll join him.

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