The Season Is Over

Yes, the season’s over. Not Christmas, but fantasy football. I’m pleased to say that even though I benched Reuben Droughns, I won my game anyway, and ended the season 5th in a ten team league, with a .500 record of 8 – 8. Not bad for a rookie manager.

But the Christmas season really doesn’t end until New Year’s Day. That’s the day that my immediate family gathers at Mom and Dad’s for our get-together. I’m not going to go into details about what we do, but it does involve presents and LOTS of food.

And speaking of food and presents, today is Carl’s birthday. He’s 41. Happy Birthday, Sweetie! This may sound strange, but Carl never wants gifts on his birthday. All he asks for is to choose the dinner menu, and to have German chocolate cake with pecan-coconut frosting for dessert. This year he asked for chicken alfredo. I also made peas. Know what you get when you set a can of peas on a lazy susan and spin them around? Whirled Peas! What do you get when you dump a can of peas on the ground? Peas On Earth!

OK, enough bad vegetable jokes.

Carl’s reading a book I just finished, “The Wit and Wisdom of Winston Churchill”. What a great book! You have to get this book and read it. You’ll be astounded, and you’ll fall out of your chair laughing, I guarantee.

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