A Truism

The old saying “Good times pass swiftly while bad times take forever” (paraphrased) is so true. For example, I found myself wondering why Christmas seemed to pass so quickly. It was here, and then in a flash it was gone. However, all the snow days my kids have been having helped me figure out why the Christmas season seemed so short. It’s because when I was in college, Christmas break lasted a month, and therefore the Christmas season lasted a month instead of a week. I remember those days fondly: no eight a.m. classes, no bad dorm food, no responsibilities. Just a month to sleep in late, relax, do a few chores for Mom and Dad, eat Mom’s wonderful homemade food and snarf down lots of leftover Christmas cookies. Ah, those were the days. It’s hard to believe that I graduated sixteen years ago.

I wish there was a way to make Christmas last for a month. Not necessarily the presents part, but the “get together with the family” part. I may be wrong, but it seemed like I was around my parents and siblings more during my college years than I am now, that my siblings were able to spend more days at Mom and Dad’s than they can now. Maybe its just because I was home, and thus around Mom and Dad, that it seems that way. Beats me. After all, that was 16 years ago, and I can’t remember everything.

My girls are enjoying their weather-extended Christmas break. They’re still walking around the house singing Christmas songs. I’ll bet they won’t be this happy in June when they have to make up their snow days.

Am I the only one with the “Christmas is too short” blues? I can’t seem to find anyone else afflicted with this. Most everyone else if afflicted with the “stinkin’ lousy weather” grumpies. I must just be weird.

Go figure.

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