Sworn In And Sworn At

I watched some of the inauguration stuff this morning. I started watching around 9:30 and quit shortly after the benediction because I hate the analysis that the liberal media people think they have to interject. Just once I’d like to watch something like this without hearing Peter Jennings ramblings. I mean, I could go to Washington and watch it in person, but I’d rather watch it in the warm comfort of my own home without Peter.

I ended up watching about half an hour of the lead-up stuff while exercising. I like to walk, so I walk around my house from the kitchen down the hall to the living room through the foyer to the “dining” room and back to the kitchen. There are TV sets in the living room and kitchen, and our computer in the “dining” room (aka computer room) has a TV tuner on it, so I was able to amble around the house and not miss anything. The times I wanted to stop and watch I just marched fast in place. I also caught myself marching in step with the Marine band once. That was fun!

So after my walk I sat down to watch the President get re-sworn in and also to listen to his speech. I thought his speech was OK. I liked the part about how people are created in the image of God and thus their lives and freedoms should be respected. But I liked the pastor who gave the benediction better. I found myself saying “Amen!” at him more often than I said “Atta boy, George” at the President. I wish I could remember the name of that pastor, but I think he should be a Cabinet member. He’d bring a little fire and brimstone to Washington, and hopefully shove it under the seats of Congress members who drag their butts when work needs to be done.

Of course, Peter Jennings had to comment on the protestors who tried to make their point during the President’s speech but weren’t bright enough to realize that, no matter how loud they shouted, they’d never overcome the Presiden’t amplified voice. At one point, the crowd in the back started cheering not because of something Mr. Bush said but because the police tore down a protest banner that was blocking everyone’s view. What a way to make a point: tick off the people around you so that they pelt you with snowballs. I don’t know if that happened, but it would have if I were there. Earlier in the week someone mentioned that Michael Moore and some other people were throwing “anti-inauguration balls” aimed at protesting the President. That’s funny. I didn’t know Michael Moore had balls.

But I digress. I thought the whole ceremony was well done. Didn’t Laura Bush look terrific? Now that’s a real lady. I bet she doesn’t carry a tape measure in her purse. She has the Secret Service carry it for her. And I found it interesting (and slightly amusing) that Dick Cheney walked to the archway with Senator Bill Frist, a heart surgeon. Go figure. And although I liked the music, I thought the National Anthem should have been done by Acoustic Timbre. One opera singer per inauguration is enough, don’t need two.

But now it’s over and Mr. Bush has four more years to straighten out America and the world. Sic ’em, George, go get ’em! Don’t let the commie libs and the terrorists drag you down. God bless you, sir. You’ve go the toughest job on the planet.

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