It’s All Downhill From Here

Today Hannah went on her first ever ski trip. It’s a yearly thing that the fifth graders in her elementary school get to do. Carl went with her. I wanted to go, but after we discussed it we thought that it would be better for Carl to go, since I knew for sure that I liked skiing, but he wasn’t so sure. So he went to see how much he’d enjoy it, and also to help Hannah get the hang of skiing since it would take her longer to understand what to do (because of her autism). Well, they had a great time, and Carl thinks that skiing is something that maybe the family can do together. Sounds like a good idea to me! Maybe next year, after Carl graduates.

I spent today working down in the basement. Carl finished the room he was building for me to do painting in, so I put down some old carpet and moved my painting table and some other stuff in the room. You know, essential stuff like the stereo. However, I had to take the speaker wires out of the stereo to move it, and I didn’t know how to hook it back up. So I called my brother Bob, and he gave me a step by step on what to do. (I couldn’t call Carl – he was out skiing.) Thanks, Bob! So now I’m set up to paint again, and now I won’t freeze my fingers off.

I’ve been following Dr. Condoleezza Rice’s confirmation hearings, and today’s vote. Thirteen senators, including Tom Harkin of Iowa, voted against her. The jerks. John McCain was right to call them “sore losers”. What gets me is, if this had been a Democrat nominee, and a bunch of white Republicans were attacking her, the Democrats, liberals, civil rights leaders and the media would all be screaming, “Racism!”. I’m glad she got confirmed by an overwhelming majority. I’ve read some of Dr. Rice’s biography. She has more degrees (probably) than the thirteen senators who voted against her have combined. Did you know she graduated from high school early, like at age sixteen? She’s incredibly intellegent! I wonder if maybe Barbara Boxer is a little jealous. I am glad that Dr. Rice has an easy to spell last name, and I hope I didn’t butcher her first name.

And now, I think I’ll go watch the Three Stooges with my girls, and fold my laundry. If the underwear is tied in knots, well, you know why. (Ya knucklehead!)

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One thought on “It’s All Downhill From Here

  1. An interesting note on this from MSNBC:

    Looking to 2008?
    But just as likely, it was the next election in 2008, not last November’s, that set the background for the vote on Rice and the one next week on Gonzales.

    In electoral terms, Bayh’s vote seemed confirmation that he is running hard for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008.

    “If Bayh is calculating that a vote against Rice would sit well with Iowa Democrats, he would be correct,” said Iowa Democratic activist David Loebsack, who teaches politics at Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa.

    “Opposition to the war has grown here as well across the country, especially among Democrats.”

    AND did you know that Condoleeza Rice’s birthday is…………November 14, 1954!!!

    p.s. – call me when you’re ready to go to Chestnut Mountain for you rnext ski trip!

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