Now I’m Angry

I just read a report that said Iraqi police believe one of yesterday’s bombers was a child with Down’s syndrome. That just makes me sick. As the mother of an autistic child, I think it is the most horrible, despicable thing in the world to take advantage of a disabled person, and a CHILD, no less. I didn’t think the terrorists could stoop any lower than they already had – well, I was wrong. I hope this gets splashed all over the mainstream media, and I hope there is worldwide outrage. Yeah, hope springs eternal, doesn’t it?

On a lighter note, I realized that there may be some who don’t get the meaning of a statue with purple fingers. The reason for purple fingers is that, after an Iraqi citizen voted, they dipped their index finger in purple dye to indicate they’d voted. It was a measure to prevent voter fraud. People were gladly showing off their dyed fingers for the media yesterday, proving they weren’t afraid of the insurgents and they were grateful for their freedom.

But I’m still mad at the creeps who wrapped explosives around a disabled person and sent him not only to his death, but also to the deaths of anyone nearby to where his bomb went off. It really grinds my axe. It makes me want to show a different finger to the insurgents, but I won’t since this is a family blog and besides, I don’t think my Master would approve. But I’m still angry, and I want to do something to prevent this from ever happening again.

I think I’ll make a donation to the ARC of East Central Iowa.

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