Blatherskite – 1. a person given to voluble, empty talk 2. nonsense; blather

<>Now that you have the definition, I can tell you about my day:

<>I had a bunch of errands to run today. I had to get my haircut, then go to the church and do a small repair job. After that I went shopping; Michael’s, the Ice Arena (hockey tickets) JCPenney’s, Wal-Mart, the Can Shed, Theisen’s, Blockbuster Video and Fareway. I also had to wash Candy and fill his gas tank. I had a full day. Fortunately, I got everything done before the girls got home from school. This was no small feat as Murphy’s Law was working hard against me. <>

Case in point: Michael’s. I hate going to Michael’s, but until they get a Hobby Lobby in Cedar Rapids, Michael’s is the only game in town. So I went there, got a couple things, and then went to stand in line. I was second in line, and a new clerk looked at me and said “I can help you over here.” Well, before I could get there, another woman got there before me, and she had a BIG pile of stuff. The clerk rang her up. She had about $20 worth of stuff (it was all small) but she paid with a $100 bill. (What, her bank doesn’t hand out twenties?) Naturally, the clerk didn’t have change so she had to call the manager who had to go to the back of the store to get the change. Meanwhile, I was giving the Obliviot shopper “the glare” while we waited for the manager. (Being in large part my father’s daughter, I had no problem using body language to relay my irritation.) Fortunately, while we were waiting another manager came up and asked what the problem was. The clerk told him, then I looked him in the eye and said “Can’t she ring up the rest of us while that lady waits for her change?” He said, “That’s no problem.” So the clerk started to ring me up. I paid with my efficient debit card. Then the first manager came back and gave the Obliviot customer her change; all in $5 bills. Serves the Obliviot right. If she’d gotten twenties from the bank instead of $100, she’d have four bills in her wallet, and not 16 fives. I have no pity for her. <>

The rest of the shopping went quite smoothly. With Mannheim Steamroller’s Fresh Aire IV playing in the background, I made the rest of my rounds quickly. However, Murphy’s Law kept exerting itself in the form of stupid drivers. I especially reference the guy in the Theisen’s parking lot who was driving perpendicular through the lot (i.e. not in the designated driving lanes) and when he saw me coming he SPED UP so that he could cross the parking lot in front of me. I’m glad I have good brakes. <>But now I’m home. All the stuff I bought is put away, and Candy is as clean as a car wash hose can get him. I’ve vented on my day, and now I feel better.

So, how was your day?

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