Blatherskite 2

I seem to fare poorly when I cheer for teams dressed in green, white and grey (silver). Saturday, it was the Rough Riders. Sunday, it was the Eagles. Both teams made a valiant effort, but they both lost. Oh, well. Congrats to the Pats and their fans.

I learned a new phrase from my nephew-in-law. It’s “potle” – a type of burrito from a Mexican restaurant chain called Chipotle. This chain hasn’t made it to Cedar Rapids yet (maybe the Quad Cities has it, I don’t know) but I still have one question: is it pronounced “pottle” or “potley”?

I read an article on the Drudge Report today about how many Americans, up to four times the usual number, are applying for entrance visas to Canada so they can live there permanently. Apparently, these people are disappointed that Bush won re-election and they’d rather live under the more liberal (and by liberal I mean socialist) government of Canada. What I find strange is, I know a Canadian lady who just got her American citizenship and she voted for Bush. Whatever. I suppose if they want to leave the U.S. for a percieved socialist mecca, fine, but they’re headed in the wrong direction. If they really want to experience socialism at its finest, then they should go south – to Cuba. Warm Carribbean breezes, free schooling and health care, and all the sugar cane they can chop. Paradise. And when they want to defect back to the States (where the speech, press, and religion are free) all they have to do is build a raft and escape in the traditional Cuban manner. Just make sure to pack a life vest and your shark repellant.

Meanwhile, back here in the great frozen North (Canada isn’t any warmer than here, folks) we’ve been roughly shoved back to winter’s reality after a Friday and Saturday when the temperatures were in the 50’s. It was so nice out that I gave my dog a bath. But today the temperature is in the upper 20’s, and we had some freezing rain this morning that delayed school for two hours. Plus, my neighbor across the street lost her mailbox when some unfortunate fellow slid down the street, missed the corner and landed right in her ditch. According to my neighbor’s son, the fellow’s dad came and towed him out of the ditch, then returned later and built a temporary post for the mailbox. It’s moments like these that make me understand the urge to go to Corpus Christi TX for the winter.

But I’ll always come home to good ol’ Iowa. Pass the meat and potatoes, please!

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