What A Week

The whole mess started on Monday. Hannah, my oldest, started vomiting before school, so she had to stay home. She didn’t have a fever, and seemed to get over whatever was bothering her by lunchtime, so that was OK. I took advantage of her being home (without her little sister around) to have a “mom to daughter” talk with her. You know, birds and bees, that kind of thing. She reacted exactly the way I expected – she was grossed out and embarrassed, which is a good thing. But I wanted to talk with her about these things now, while she is still sweet and innocent, so that some creep wouldn’t take advantage of that innocence. I don’t want my baby to be another horror story on the evening news. I think she has a lot better chance of avoiding that now.

Tuesday and Wednesday weren’t bad, but Thursday made up for that. I had a doctor’s appointment scheduled that morning (for my yearly physical – yuck) but poor little Mary woke up with a cough and fever. Plus Hannah had a whole bunch of stuff to take to school; a Valentine’s box, valentines for her classmates, four dozen cookies, and her trombone. I was planning to drive her to school, but I couldn’t leave Mary alone. So I called Carl and bless his fuzzy heart, he came right home. I’d already taken Hannah to the bus stop with the promise that I’d bring her Valentine’s stuff to Norway (Iowa, not Scandinavia) so when Carl got home I was ready to go. I drove down to the school first, then to the bank, then to Blockbuster, and I still made it to the doctor with 10 minutes to spare. And I wasn’t driving that much over the speed limit. I got passed more than I passed. So after the doctor I came right home and Carl went back to work. But as the day progressed, Mary became more and more lethargic, and her temperature kept rising, and she started throwing up late in the afternoon. I took her to our pediatrician’s office (to check for influenza – she didn’t have that) so we headed for home. Just as I turned the corner into our neighborhood, Mary started throwing up again. Fortunately she had a bucket on her lap, so she didn’t make a mess of herself or the pickup. I called Carl on my cell phone and told him to meet me in the garage to help Mary, and we got her in the house, cleaned her face and put her to bed.

She’s feeling better today. She’s kept down everything she’s eaten, and right now she’s in the living room watching Three Stooges cartoons on DVD. Hey – it was a two DVD set in the five dollar bin at Wal-Mart, and the girls love it. But Mary still has a fever, so we had to postpone the sleepover she and Hannah were going to, for two weeks. And Mary has homework, which will make the weekend fun. (NOT!) But that’s a Mom’s life.

And speaking of that, I remembered another category in the “let’s age Mom” competition. It’s the Sibling Rivalry category. This is the first event that kids enter into, and it lasts the longest. Scoring in this event depends on the size of the “disagreement” and extra points are added if they’re fighting when you’re already frazzled.

And speaking of frazzled, Mary needs me. ‘Bye!

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