Blatherskite from a “Bachelorette”

Well, it’s 3:20 on March 5, and Carl is somewhere in the friendly skies on his way to Sao Paulo, Brazil via Dallas, Texas. His flight (actually, his and his classmates’ flight) goes from Cedar Rapids to Dallas, where they have a two hour layover before they fly out overnight to Brazil. The whole thing sounds incredibly uncomfortable – I don’t think I’d enjoy trying to get a night’s sleep on an airplane at 30,000 feet. Yuck.

I felt a little sorry for Carl. I mean, he was really looking forward to this trip. It’s a great opportunity for him. However, at the airport Mary clung to his leg, crying and saying “Please don’t go, Daddy! I’ll miss you!” Believe it or not, this was totally unprompted by me. But I knew she would do it because she is such a sweet, loving and cuddly child who is devoted to her Dad and to have to go without him for a week and a half is hard for her. Fortunately, Carl had prepaid for the latest Veggie Tales DVD, which came out today, so on the way home from the airport we stopped and picked it up. The girls are watching it now. But Mary cried all the way from the airport to Family Book Store. Poor kid.

Carl ended up taking three bags with him. One was his carry on, the other two got stowed and will hopefully make it to Brazil with him. We split the packing. He packed all of his basic necessities, like underwear and socks, and I packed his outfits. I laid his pants out on the bed and started matching shirts, ties and sport jackets together, according to what the event of the day was. We were lucky enough to get an e-mail from his classmate T.J. who had looked up some cultural stuff and mentioned not to wear yellow and green, as these are the “national colors” and its considered rude to wear them. Whew!

Speaking of T.J., when we got to the airport I asked T.J.’s wife Vicky if she’d chosen T.J.’s outifts the way I’d picked out Carl’s. She said, “Of course! He’s an engineer, isn’t he?” Lack of fashion sense must be ubiquitous amongst engineers. However, she’s trusting T.J. to remember which shirt goes with which pants (T.J. said he’s on the “Garanimal” system) while Carl had me write down the contents of each outfit so he wouldn’t screw up and wear the lilac shirt with the khaki pants, or whatever. I understand this, really; Carl has more important things to think about than how to match his wardrobe. All engineers do. If they didn’t, we’d probably still be using horses and buggies while the engineers were trying to pick out the correct tie to wear to dinner.

So now the girls and I are “bachelorette-ing” for a few days. We’ll probably live on frozen dinners, Wendy’s take out and popcorn. I can handle that. As long as Carl comes home on the 14th safe and sound, I can handle anything. I think.

Hey, who let the dog in the house, and what’s he doing with that bag of cookies?!?

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