How Cliche!!

There’s a cliche in Iowa that goes “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change.” They weren’t kidding. Yesterday was a beautiful day – it was sunny, albeit windy, and we had a record high of 73 degrees. Mary and I went bike riding (until we got tired of being sandblasted by the southwest wind). The girls and I gave Judah a bath. The neighborhood kids were outside playing. It felt like spring, but Mother Nature was tricking us, for winter has returned.

It started last night. A cold front moved through, bringing rain and a line of thunderstorms, some severe. I tracked the storms via internet radar, and I figured they’d hit here around 11:30 p.m. I went upstairs around 11:20, got ready for bed, and watched the lightning move closer. There was no cloud to ground lightning, fortunately, but I knew that ten minutes after I got in bed the storm would get close enough so that you’d hear the thunder, at which point Mary would wake up crying. (Mary hates thunderstorms and is very scared of them, just like I was at her age.) I was right, but I was prepared. As soon as Mary woke up, I moved her into Hannah’s room and the girls spent the night together. That’s the usual solution.

The storms passed relatively quickly, but I didn’t sleep very well because I wasn’t sure if another line of storms would move through or not. But came the dawn, and when I went to get the girls up for school Hannah complained that Mary had hogged the blankets all night. I knew that was coming, too. Happens every time. So I sent Mary back to her room, got Hannah up and into the shower, and et cetera, and the girls made it to their buses on time. However, today’s weather is nothing like yesterday. The sky is grey, the temperature is 36 degrees (and falling) and it’s as windy as a Ted Kennedy stump speech. I know it was windy yesterday, but that was a southwest wind. Now the wind is from the northwest, and the meteorologist said we may yet see snow. Oh, yippee. I looked up the weather for Brazil, and it can be summed up in one word: tropical. I’d say it must be nice, but then there’s my previous blog, so I won’t. Be careful, honey!

I should have known that the weather would do this. Not because I’m a weather junkie (I even went to Severe Weather Spotter training last month) but because its time for the Iowa girls’ state basketball tournament. The weather always gets weird during the girls’ tournament. When Iowa still played six-on-six half court we’d get a mid-week ice storm, without fail. Now that they’ve gone to five-on-five full court we just get weird weather.

Welcome to Iowa. Don’t forget your boots, parka, umbrella, ice scraper and sunscreen. You never know what you’ll get.

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