When last we met, the Bode girls were on their way out the door to sign Mary up for softball. All done, no problem. After signup the three of us went to the Ced-Rel Supper Club for dinner. Carl had won a gift certificate there, and I asked him if we could use it while he was gone since he doesn’t particularly care for the Ced-Rel. He said yes, so off we went.

This was the girls’ first time in a restaurant nicer than Perkins. Before we went in I told them to be on their best behaviour because this was a high class place, and I must brag and tell you that my girls were better than good. They were angelic. The waitress went out of her way to praise the girls on their good behaviour, and I of course gladly expounded upon that. I may have been tough on my kids when they were little, but it paid off. My girls are the politest, best behaved kids on the planet, and I don’t mind telling everyone so.

I mentioned that the Ced-Rel is a “high class” place. Well, it is, sort of. Back in “the day” when Highway 30 was the main east-west route across central Iowa (before Interstate 80) the Ced-Rel was a locally renowned “key” club. That means that, if you were a member, you had to have a key to get in, or else know the password and give it to the doorman when you got there. The window on the door was a two way mirror, so that the doorman could see you but you couldn’t see him. Later, when club membership declined, they opened the door to the public but still called themselves a “supper club”. I think that must have been in the 1970’s, because they haven’t updated the decor since then. Also, most of the patrons are older adults. As a matter of fact, there were three elderly ladies seated in the corner opposite from us, and when we left they looked shocked to see children, especially children that they hadn’t heard. Don’tcha love it? And as far as the food goes, it was good. I had jumbo shrimp that were really jumbo. These things were three times the size of the jumbo shrimp you’d get a Red Lobster. Mary had a grilled cheese kids meal with about a ton of fries, and Hannah ordered a “steak sandwich”. I thought it would be sliced steak on a roll, but they sent out a New York strip steak on a couple pieces of toast. Poor Hannah, she didn’t know what to do with all that meat. She ate as much as she could, and we boxed up the rest and brought it home. We also brought home some pieces from the “relish tray” that the Ced-Rel traditionally serves with the salad course. Believe it or not, we brought home battered fried chicken livers. Apparently, this is something the Ced-Rel is known for (good or bad, I don’t know) but Hannah LOVED those things. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at that; Hannah also likes lima beans. But I made her promise to share some of those livers with the dog, and boy was he thrilled. He about bit my hand off trying to get to the liver I was holding for him. Yeek.

So today was pretty normal. The girls got home early because today was a parent-teacher conference day. Hannah had her conference at 6:20, so we had an early supper of delicious frozen dinners. Actually, they aren’t that bad. But we were in a hurry to leave, so I left the girls’ TV trays on the floor with the idea I’d get them later. When we got home, I forgot the trays were still there and I let the dog in. Yep, he found them first and licked them clean of whatever food tidbits were left. Then he chewed the plastic trays and juice boxes to pieces. Fortunately the trays were on a blanket on the floor, so the worst thing is I have to do is wash the blanket.

However, I am a little mad at Carl. He had a 3 1/2 hour break between his afternoon class and supper, and I figured that he’d call then since us girls would be gone to Hannah’s conference when he got back from dinner. (There’s a three hour time difference between Iowa and Brazil.) But he forgot, because he called at 9:30 Brazil time, 6:30 Iowa time, while we were at the school. Therefore, I shall have to scold him (gently) about that. As far as Hannah’s conference, she’s doing great. Her grades stayed the same or went up, and her teacher is very impressed with her. The teacher gave me some advice on prepping Hannah for 6th grade (prep work for the summer) so again, as they say in the Old Country, alles gut.

Well, its 9:00 Iowa time. Time for Law and Order on NBC. So long!

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