Ups And Downs

First, the ups: Carl called me this morning and we had a nice chat. I feel much better now, and very relieved. Also feeling relieved are about half a dozen of Carl’s fellow students who are recovering from a one day stomach virus. I had no idea that Ralph Hurley and Ivan Trotski were going on this trip, too. Fortunately, Carl has managed to stay healthy down in Brazil. I just love the protecting power of prayer, don’t you?

Speaking of praying, pray for one of Carl’s associates, a lady named Sarah. She wound up in the hospital with a pinched nerve in her arm. The group had no idea of how they were going to pay her medical bills until my prepared-for-anything hubby (for Carl, B.S. means “boy scout”) pulled out his Collins S.O.S. insurance card. They were able to contact Collins’ insurer and get payment through them. Ain’t Carl just a great guy?

More ups: Carl managed to find a cyber cafe and read my blogs, so now he’s up to date on everything that’s happened here. He even managed to e-mail me, despite the fact that all the instructions on the computer were in Portuguese. So I guess most of this blog is for everyone but Carl, because you didn’t know the stuff he told me.

But here’s an up I forgot to tell Carl: Lois Bickner, my mother-in-law’s cousin (and a very nice lady) asked me six months ago to paint four metal pieces for her. She’d seen a Bauernmalerei piece I did for Lois (my mother-in-law Lois) and really liked it. That’s saying alot, because Lois Bickner is an artist herself, specializing in china painting, and I have several of her pieces. But anyway, I said no problem. I’d paint her metals. She even offered to pay me. But since it took me six months to finish her project, I told her that if she didn’t pay me, I’d understand. Well, she really is a nice lady, because I got a very generous check from her yesterday. Online shopping, here I come!

Now for the downs (there’s only one): remember a couple of blogs ago I said that we used to get ice storms here during the middle of the Iowa girls state basketball tournament? Well, its the middle of the tournament, and an Alberta clipper moved through, giving us snow and ice. Not a lot, but enough to make me shift the pickup into four wheel drive when I took Hannah to her bus stop this morning. I’m glad I did my household and grocery shopping yesterday.

And now that Carl has called and I am no longer pacing by the phone, I am going down to the shop to spend a restful afternoon painting. Ahhh, the sweet aroma of acrylic paint. It’s almost as pleasant as Carl’s deodorant.

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