It’s All Routine

I realize I haven’t blogged for a few days, but I’ve been busy. The girls and I spent the weekend with my Mom, and then of course Carl came back from Brazil on Monday (yea!!!). He took Tuesday off from work to catch up on stuff (like paying bills) so I’ve been busy helping him. Today I get to wash all the laundry he brought back. Ahh, back to the old routine.

There’s alot to be said about having a routine. Sure, you can “get in a rut” as some say, but there’s a comforting sensation in having a daily routine. Carl gets up first, sometime between 5 and 5:30 AM. (I’m not sure what time he gets up – I can’t see the clock because my eyes are closed.) He gets ready for, and then goes to, work. Hannah gets up next (unless she got to bed late) usually around 6:15 AM (is she Daddy’s girl, or what?) and takes her shower. The noise and light from the bathroom get me up, and I get dressed and go wake Mary. We go downstairs, have breakfast, and then I help the girls finish getting ready for school, and I get them to their busses. After they’re gone, I do “chores” – I feed the dog and refill the bird feeder. I wonder who the idiot was who coined the phrase “you eat like a bird” meaning you don’t eat much. Judging from the amount of bird seed and suet I’ve bought this winter, if all people really ate like birds they’d all be as big as Momma Cass. I’m amazed at how much seed the average flock of sparrows consumes.

Anyway. After my “chores” are done, I come in and get on the computer. I check my list of favorite blogs, I read my favorite online newspapers, and I check my e-mail. Then I go do whatever work is left to be done, like today’s laundry. If I’m done with (or didn’t have any) work to do, I go downstairs to the shop and paint. This lasts until 3:22 PM when Mary’s bus brings her home. I help her unwind from her day, then Hannah comes home and I help her. Then I try to make some kind of supper, after which Carl comes home. We eat dinner. Hannah does her homework. Other miscellaneous stuff happens (like every other night Mary has her bath) and then the girls go to bed, ideally around 8 PM. Then Carl and I finish whatever it was we were working on, and then we go to bed and sleep. (We’re too tired for anything else.) And the next morning, the routine starts all over again. I realize that this is only the weekday routine, but I refuse to try to explain our weekend routine because it isn’t routine. It’s usually some kind of organized chaos.

But I’m glad Carl is home and the routine is restored. Normalcy is back, and relative calm has settled over the household. I can now relax. Well, relax as much as any woman with a husband, two kids and a large dog can.

I think I need to go downstairs and paint.

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