Man Oh Man Oh Man

Ah, March Madness. The closer you get to the Final Four, the more intense the games get. I watched both games yesterday and ended up hoarse for shouting. I was very happy that Louisville triumphed over West Virginia because the Mountaineers took out Texas Tech and poor ol’ Bobby Knight. Now, there’s a guy who (I bet) misses the Glory Days.

And speaking of West Virginia, I hereby dub them “The Team With The Weirdest Player Names”. Out of their five starters, they had guys with names like Sally (who’s she?) Herber (pronounced Hair Bear) Pittsnogle (what’s that stuff under your arm?) and Beilien (if you throw him the ball fast, is that making a beeline for Beilien?). Honestly, the four of them sound like the world’s most bizarre law firm: Sally, Herber, Beilien and Pittsnogle, Attorneys At Law. But I’m not sure if I’d leave my will preparations with a guy named Pittsnogle. On the other hand, if he makes it into the NBA, his name lends itself to an endorsement contract with an antipersperant maker.

Well, onward to the second game, Illinois and Arizona. Was that an amazing game, or what? I’m glad Illinois won, but I would have been just as happy with ‘Zona because I like Lute Olson. But man oh man oh man, what a game. When Deron Williams hit that three pointer at the end of regulation, I was screaming, “He tied it up! He tied it up! I don’t believe it, he tied it up!” Immediately, Carl and the girls came running in. They’d left when Illinois was down by 15 with four minutes left to go. I’d told Hannah that Arizona had the game wrapped. Why? You see, I have this hypothesis that goes: if the point differential is greater than six points AND the point differential is greater than the amount of time left, there’s no way the team that’s behind can catch up. I’m right 99% of the time. This one fell in the 1%. But I don’t care that (this time) my hypothsis proved incorrect. It made for a great game!! Now it’s up to Wisconsin and Michigan State to make it an almost all Big 10 Final Four. Wouldn’t that be cool? I sooooo hope that Wisconsin can beat North Carolina. Go Badgers!! Oh, and for my nephew Jonathan, Go Spartans!

If you cross a Michigan State player with a Scotsman, do you get a Spartan in a Tartan?

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