Other Observations, and My Girls

Has anyone other than me noticed that almost every investment firm in the U.S. is advertising during the NCAA basketball tournament? I’ve seen AIG, the Hartford, TIAA-CREF, T.D. Waterhouse, and Principal Financial, to name a few. And speaking of Principal Financial – Mary was watching a game with me (actually, I was watching and she was drawing a picture) when the Principal Financial commercial asked, “Why do we work?” and Mary said, “To get money, stupid!” Is she a smart kid, or what?

This morning is Resurrection Sunday, aka Easter, and my girls (naturally) got Easter baskets. They got the obligatory candy (but not Peeps, they won’t eat them) and they also each got a small nesting doll. I can’t spell the Russian word for them, but it’s pronounced mah-choy-ska. These things are amazing. The dolls are only 1.5 inches tall, but there’s TEN dolls in each set. The last one is nearly microscopic. Carl and I told the girls that these things are for “pretty” but if they want to play with them they must be CAREFUL and also not open the dolls past the fifth doll. We’re afraid that the smaller dolls could get lost, and I could never replace them. Plus, these things weren’t cheap. But they’re a nice keepsake, an heirloom that they can pass down to their own kids, which is why I got them.

The girls started into their candy almost immediately. This was OK, since the girls were up at 6 a.m. and we weren’t planning on eating breakfast until 9 a.m. at church. But Hannah got a little surprise. She was chewing on a yellow jelly bean, and she lost a tooth! So I guess she gets some money, too.

Well, I need to go. It’s time to leave for church. Happy Resurrection Sunday, everyone!

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