On Being Busy, Part 2

It’s been a busy weekend. It started Friday, with the our elementary school’s PTA carnival, their yearly big fundraiser. Carl is PTA treasurer, so he was busy with business, and I was busy with the girls. Yesterday Carl and I raked the front yard and prepped the east ditch (we’re putting river rock down) and I put three coats of polyurethane on a metal mailbox I’d painted. Today Carl washed Candy, and then the two of us cleaned and repaired the grill. I scrubbed down the grill and changed out the lava rocks, and Carl made and installed a new wheel. Seriously. One of the grill wheels broke last fall so Carl cut a new wheel out of a piece of treated 2 x 8 and put it on the grill. It works perfectly, despite the fact that it looks like something from the Red Green show. And yes, I find Carl to be both handsome and handy. Carl also took our old mailbox off the post and put our new, beautifully painted mailbox on. And to top off the weekend, Carl is taking the girls for a bike ride to the park. Yeehaw!!

It will be a busy week, at least until it rains. I’m displeased with the job I did tilling the garden, so I’m hoping to find a rental tiller that really is front-tine and has fewer than 5 horsepower so I can handle it. I need to make at least four more passes to really bust up the clods. Also, I get to go to the quarry and buy the river rock, and then I get to shovel it all into the ditch. Carl would help, but his slave-driving bosses won’t let him take any time off. Poor guy – stuck in a climate controlled office, sitting in a cushy chair, tapping madly on his keyboard. Kinda like at home, except no one at work cooks his meals or washes his dirty, stinky underwear.

Speaking of stinky things, I was very unhappy with the outcome of the Michigan State/North Carolina game. Poor Spartans. I read somewhere that, as a motivational tactic, Coach Izzo smashed the game tape showing MSU losing to Iowa in the first round of the Big Ten tournament. Didn’t help. Next year, coach, you can sacrifice your tape on our newly repaired grill. Anything to help.

So now it’s up to the Illini to avenge my Cyclones loss to North Carolina by completely annihilating them on Monday night. I really hope Illinois wins. Wouldn’t that be cool, winning the tournament the very first time your team makes it to the championship? GO ILLINI!!!

I just hope that, after all that yard work, I’m not too tired and sore to cheer, yell, rant, scream and jump up and down.

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  1. My sister too tired and sore to cheer, yell, rant, scream and jump up and down……not a chance! GO ILLINI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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