Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation

I have two older brothers, Bob and Keith. When I was a girl about Hannah’s age, the two of them would get together and play rock music on their stereo, and they played it LOUD. This really ticked off my Dad, who’d come busting in yelling, “Turn that crap down! How can you listen to that garbage, you can’t even understand the words!” Well …

Last week, Hannah was complaining about how the other kids on the bus were bothering her. She’s autistic (barely) but in crowded situations she likes to withdraw so as to avoid becoming overwhelmed. On the bus, she likes to watch out the window, and she tries to listen to the bus radio, but she can’t hear it over her screaming classmates. So when she came home upset, I offered her the use of Carl’s old (ancient, really) AM/FM stereo cassette player. (The precursor to the Sony Walkman) This thing’s about 25 years old, and it doesn’t work that great anymore. It’s hard to keep a station tuned on it, and there’s a short in the volume knob. But Hannah said she’d try it anyway. She took it to school for the first time today and was disappointed because it didn’t work right. I thought I’d offer her one of my old cassettes, so I said, “Well, what about Mommy’s music? Do you like any of Mom’s music?” And she said, “No!” I asked “Why?” and she said “Because I can understand the words to your music, and I don’t want to have to understand the words.” I about fell down laughing, and I’m still not sure that Hannah understands why. But I thought that was one hysterical moment. However, Hannah’s still mad, so I promised her that soon (soon?) Daddy would take her to Best Buy and help her get an MP3 player with her allowance money. I can’t do it because I know nothing about MP3 players and besides, I wouldn’t want to deprive my wonderful hubby of a trip to the Ultimate Guy’s Toy Store. But isn’t it odd, and true……whatever goes around, comes around.

Heading for the 90’s, living in the Wild Wild West. Which way did the 90’s go, anyway?

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3 thoughts on “Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation

  1. Oh yeah, Well in MY day, we didn’t have music! If you wanted to hear something harmonical you had to eat a bunch of beans and cabbage and sit around the campfire and wait for the spirit to move. If it didn’t move, then it was too bad and you sucked it up till mornin. But that’s the way it was and WE LIKED IT!

  2. Same the place the 70’s went!!!

    Grumpy Old Man: “Back in my day, we didn’t have these FANCY MP3 players…..if you wanted to listen to music, you had to put the needle on an old scratchy record on your dad’s record player and it made all kinds of ticks and pops and then your old man would come up and bust the record over his knee anyways and THAT’S THE WAY IT WAS and WE LIKED IT!! Oh, fibber-de-golly!!”

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