I Shoulda Known

I should have known it was going to be one of those days when Hannah forgot her trombone.

It started last night. Since I was going to be running errands today, I offered to dump our used motor oil at Wal-Mart. So Carl loaded the oil (all eight gallons of it) into the back of the pickup. (He got to drive Candy today.) And this morning I said “Sure!” when Hannah and Judah begged me to take Judah along in the back of the pickup when I took Hannah to the bus stop. (Her bus stop is at the elementary school, one mile away.) No problem, this happens all the time. But today Hannah forgot her trombone on the most important music day of the year. Tonight is the big Festival of Music concert, where all of the bands, from 5th grade up, play at the High School; and this morning they had a big group practice. As soon as Hannah got off the bus that takes her to school, she got on another bus and went to the high school with the rest of the 5th and 6th grade band members. But she forgot her horn, and when we got to the bus stop we realized the problem. I had a only a couple minutes to run home and get her horn and get it back to the stop before the bus left, and I couldn’t drive fast because Judah was in the truck bed and I’d hurt him if I stopped suddenly or turned too fast. So I went home as fast as I could, ran in, grabbed the trombone, jumped back in the truck and left again. Judah was still in the back because I couldn’t spare the time to let him out, chase him down and put him back in the yard. But I got the horn to the bus stop just as the kids were loading up. Whew! By the way, Judah loved the trip. He loves riding in the back of the pickup, period.

Anyway. So Hannah’s off to school. Then I helped Mary finish getting ready. Bless her heart, she pretty much had everything done by the time I got home. After she left, I put together my shopping list, grabbed my stuff and headed out.

Or so I thought. Halfway to Cedar Rapids I realized that I’d forgotten to put the camper key out for the insurance guy. (We had some water damage. Long story.) So I was muttering about that when I got to my first appointment; a meeting with Tom, an architect friend of the pastor’s family. Our congregation wants to do some remodeling, and I drew up the floorplan sketches to show him. When I got to church, I quickly revamped my schedule to accomodate the insurance guy, and then reached for my drawing case, which held my sketches. Except that the case wasn’t there!! It was then that I realized that I’d forgotten my case, with my sketches that I’d worked on for A DAY AND A HALF. Grrrr!!!! But I had some older computer generated drawings with me, and I showed Tom my changes on those, and he thought what I had was good. I’ll make some minor changes, then mail the drawings to him for approval and signatures. THEN maybe the City of Cedar Rapids will give me my ding-dang permits.

Well, after that, the day wasn’t so bad (until later). I went to Wal-Mart, Menard’s and Fareway, no problem. And I got a “Buy one get one free” bottle cap when I bought a diet Mountain Dew. Yippee for me! I went home, unloaded, put stuff out for the insurance guy, and left again. I was doing more research at a couple RV places (trying to repair the camper damage) then I went to the insurance agent’s office with estimates for him to fax to the Des Moines central office. Great. I was out of time, so I postponed my trip to Sam’s Club. But when I started the pickup to go home, the “Check Engine” light came on. I went into Freak Out Mode, and called Carl on my cell phone. He said, “Just try to get it home.” I managed that, and made it home 10 minutes before Mary’s bus came. I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off ever since. The stress of the day gave me a bad headache, so Carl and Hannah went to the concert. Carl will videotape it for me, and besides, now Mary won’t get to bed late.

Maybe then I can unwind. AIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

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