Blatherskite Again

First, I want to correct an error. When I had my Ames deja-vu moment, I was driving up Second Street, not Third Avenue. Third Avenue is the street you take past the Lutheran church so you can get “turned around” and approach the elementary school from the north (ie the passenger side of the truck).

Update: Hannah got a new “radio”. It’s an MP3 player-memory stick-FM radio tuner gadget that Carl helped her buy at Wal-Mart. Carl programmed some radio stations for her, and downloaded some CD’s, too. Carl had so much fun playing with it that now he wants one. (That’s fine. He works so hard, he deserves one.) But its kind of weird, driving Hannah to her bus stop and hearing a voice echo from the back seat, a voice that is not Hannah’s and in fact sounds somewhat disembodied. Yeek.

I had to replant asparagus in the garden, since the first batch didn’t come up. This kinda ticks me off because of all the plants in the “garden that’s not my garden” I wanted asparagus the most. I love asparagus. I hope it grows. It takes two years for asparagus to become established, so I have to wait. Fortunately, Carl came to the rescue yet again and picked up some asparagus at the Morgan Creek vegetable stand. We had some last night. Yum!!

Well, that’s it. Nothing else really to blather about, so I shall go and finish my laundry. It takes me days to do laundry because we have lots of clothes that can’t go in the dryer, and I have a very small drying rack. Oh, well. At least I have something to do that will keep me out of trouble. I hope.

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