Post-Rabbit Update

So after the opera ended (HA!) I called the Iowa State University Extension Office in Linn county. I spoke with their Master Gardener, and she said:

1) I should prune the sucker branches off the bottom of my purple ash tree
2) I might not have perennial tulip bulbs. I need to search around and find some to plant in October.
3) She doesn’t know if rabbits eat “hen and chick” plants, but they do eat tulips, especially the blossoms.
4) She doesn’t know if dog urine is a good rabbit repellant or not. My neighbor says it is, I tell her, and she says, well go ahead and try.

So I try, but Judah’s been scolded so many times for peeing on my plants that he refuses to do it now. Poor pooch, he’s probably confused. So I gave him another Milk Bone and sent him back out to the back yard. Then I spent the rest of the morning working down in my studio. And that’s it.

My life is soooo exciting.

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