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Today was VIP day at Hannah’s school. This is an event where each student is allowed to invite one VIP to school with them for the day (which, by the way, was an early dismissal day) and they have special programs and events geared toward fun and silliness. First is the student program, followed by some special entertainment. Then there’s lunch, after which we all go home.

<>This year’s VIP theme was “The Circus”. The kids all wore red foam noses and performed various songs. At one point, they had a group of “featured singers” do a song, and Hannah was in that group. I was amazed by this because Hannah’s so shy she won’t even tie her shoes in front of a crowd. But the student program was super – cute, well planned and hysterically funny. The fifth grade classes (Hannah’s in fifth grade) did a song called “Take Me Out Of The Bathtub” (sung to the tune “Take Me Out To The Ballgame”). Some of the kids had towels, some had duckie-shaped pool floats, and some (including Hannah) had squeaking rubber ducks. But Hannah was the only one wearing swimming goggles. I wish I’d have remembered a camera, but I’m still suffering the effects of insomnia, so I forgot. Sorry!

So once the kids were done, they split the crowd into two groups. Preschool through 3rd grade went to the lunchroom, and 4th through 6th stayed in the gym. They brought in two special entertainers and had them perform before each group. We got Sparkles the Clown first. He’s a professional clown, and he used to work with my aunt and uncle as a pastoral clown at St. Luke’s Hospital. He did some magic tricks and made some balloon sculptures (which ended up in the school office). The kids just loved him. After Sparkles they had a magician (I didn’t catch his name) who doubled as a comedian. He was great. I’m still kicking myself for forgetting the camera.

I was really impressed with the job the kids and teachers did with this program, and I’m really proud of Hannah getting up and singing in the “featured” group. They do this every year, and since I’ve had a turn as her VIP, Hannah will need someone else to join her.

Any volunteers?

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