This Blatherskite Is Late

I had a very nice day Saturday. Yeah, sure, it was cold, windy and it rained occasionally, but it was still a nice day because my Mom and Uncle Bob came up to visit. Uncle Bob is a retired drywaller (an expert drywall specialist) and he showed Carl how to repair damaged areas in preparation for painting. It is my desire to repaint the entire interior of my house before Christmas, and now that Carl has had expert instruction in drywall repair, I can get going just about any time.

The other thing Uncle Bob did while he was here was to go metal detecting around the abandoned railroad foundations north of town. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but Atkins used to be a railway hub with a roundhouse and railyard. The old railroad tracks have been turned into hiking trails, and you can see the foundations of abandoned buildings off to the sides of the trail, half hidden in brush. These types of things intrigue me – I love a good mystery, and I also love learning about history as long as I don’t have to memorize dates and places. So Uncle Bob and I took Judah and the detecting equipment up to the trails (I had permission from the City, Mike specifically) and went nosing around. We didn’t find anything really: some old spikes and chunks of metal, and an old wagon handle. But we did find something large, buried fairly deep, that Uncle Bob couldn’t dig out. He wasn’t too worried about it and said it was probably an old bucket or something. But I’m incurably curious, so today I took a shovel and the dog and went back for a second look. (I figured no one would ask about the shovel since I was walking a moose sized dog.) But the deeply buried object looked like an old paint can: it was pretty eaten up with rust, but the outside of the can appeared to be blue, and only part of it was there. I wasn’t disappointed because I’d satisfied my curiosity, plus it was nice out today and both Judah and I got good exercise. But I left an open invitation for Uncle Bob to come back and detect around more buildings (we only did two out of the four) plus I promised him I’d check into more places. Like I said, I love a good mystery.

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