Ahhhh! Finally, the weather is beginning to warm up. We had some really nice days in early April, but then it got cold, as in put-the-shorts-back-and-get-out-the-sweaters cold. Monday and Tuesday the girls had to wear their winter coats to school, and we had freeze warnings both nights. I hope my trees can recover from their frostbite.

Speaking of Tuesday: we were watching the ABC Evening News while I was making supper, and a segment about corporal punishment came on. I admit I spank my girls OCCASIONALLY, but I cringed when they showed some guy holding a belt that he used as a spanking tool. Hannah noticed my reaction and was curious, so I asked her – “When I spank you, what do I use?” She held up her hand, pointed to it, and said “Your hand.” Then I held my hand out and said “Slap my hand, really hard.” She did, then I asked her “Did you feel how it stings when you hit my hand?” She said “Yeah” and I said, “Well, my hand stings too, and when I spank you, it makes my hand hurt. That way I won’t spank you too much or too hard because I don’t want my hand to hurt.” She looked at me kind of funny, so I asked her “Do you think I want my hand to hurt?” and she said, “Well, it better hurt!” I almost dropped the dish I was holding, I was laughing so hard. And Carl, who was in the next room, heard what she said and burst out laughing, too. What made it so funny was the fact that she said it with such innocence. My daughter – what a wit!

I’m looking forward to Saturday. Not just because its the weekend, but its Carl’s last day of school until August. Finally he’ll have the time to do the things he wants to do, like helping Mary practice baseball and working in the garden. His garden, which, by the way, has grown nothing but grass in this cold weather. He’ll also have time to do some projects that he’s had to put off doing. Poor guy – so much to do and so little time.

And I must be off myself. I also need to be going. I have a project of my own that I need to get done before next Saturday, and it ain’t gonna get done by itself. ‘Bye!

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