Unfortunately, I Was Right

In my last posting, I said that Carl might nix the idea of building a house on a saddleback ridge, and therefore we wouldn’t make an offer on the land for sale. I was right. Last night we went out there (in our pickup) with the girls and the dog (girls in the cab, dog in the truckbed) and drove around the site. At one point, Carl got out and measured the width of the ridge, which was narrower than I’d thought. When he got back in the truck, I asked him what he thought of the place. He wasn’t impressed, and given the way he said it I knew it was futile to even consider the place. But I know that when (and if) God wants us to have a farm, He’ll show us the right one. Until then, hard as it is, I shall be patient.

Also in the meantime I shall continue my attempt at micro-farming in our garden. Of all the things I’ve planted, only the onions are doing well. The lettuce and radishes were planted too close together, and I haven’t had time to thin them out. Plus, bird-seed grass is taking over a section of the lettuce-and-radish patch, and I have no desire to pull those weeds. I may have said “my attempt at micro-farming” but it’s still not my garden. However, despite my best attempts at failure, five of my twelve asparagus plants survived and are now slowly growing. And since I don’t have enough sense to quit, I plan on working tomorrow in the garden planting green beans, tomatoes and green bell peppers. To that end, I purchased a wide-brimmed straw hat to protect my ears and neck whilst I am kneeling in the dirt. I look like Minnie Pearl.


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