Greetings from South Dakota, Part 3

Well, today is the last day of the vacation. Tomorrow we head back to Iowa, hoping that our sump pump has remained in working order throughout the rain that’s hit Iowa while we’ve been gone.

Today’s vacation synopsis: we left Rapid City at I’m not sure what time because we stopped first at Sam’s Club and Hobby Lobby to run a couple errands. Oh, come on, you can’t expect me to see a Hobby Lobby and not go in, can you? Anyway. We wanted to go through the Air and Space Museum at Ellsworth Air Force Base, but we didn’t have time. We did go through the Badlands. That was cool, and the girls liked it. They saw a family of mountain goats, and they got to climb on some of the hills, so they had fun. After the Badlands we drove back to Chamberlain and checked into the hotel. Then we met Carl’s mom, brother Loren and Loren’s family at Pizza Hut and had a little “birthday party” for Hannah, and also for Loren’s son Jeffrey. After supper we came back to the hotel – the kids swam and the adults sat around and chatted. Nice and relaxing.

So tomorrow we pack it all up and head home. We took plenty of pictures, and I think I can con Carl into taking them to Mom’s next weekend, either via laptop or memory stick, so we can share them with whoever comes over. We’re looking forward to helping my brother Keith move, although we may have to take Moose Mutt with us because I don’t think we can find a dog-sitter so soon. I’ll probably blog again on Sunday and let you know how the trip home went, and also if the house survived the week-long Iowa rainstorm.

I can’t wait to check the rain gauge – unless I cease to see where I’m a-goin’, ya know.

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