Home Sweet Home

I can think of few things worse than riding nine hours in a vehicle with a constipated ten-year old. Medieval torture comes to mind. Needless to say, the trip home was a real trip. We knew Hannah was backed up Friday night, so we gave her an extra dose of her prescription laxative to get things moving. However, it didn’t start working until early afternoon Saturday, and when it kicked in, it kicked in with a vengence. We stopped twice, once in Worthington, Minnesota and again in Marshalltown, Iowa, so Hannah could unload. We chose restaurants to stop at so that once Hannah finished, we could get meals (not that anyone was all that hungry). Fortunately, everything came out all right in the end. (HA!)

So now we’re home. We pulled in around 8 pm last night, unloaded the SUV (no laxative required) and checked on the dog. He was really happy to see us and immediately played on my guilt by begging for (and getting) poochie treats. Then I checked on the garden and the rain gauge (no, I didn’t cease to see where I was a-goin’). We had about one inch of rain, plus humidity and heat, so the garden really went to town. My tomato plants tripled in size, and so did the weeds. I need to get out there and clean things up, and since the girls are out of school now they get to help me. (heh heh heh) My flowering perennials also grew and started flowering. They look really healthy, and so do our trees, thankfully. They’d suffered during a late frost, but have recovered nicely.

We decided to sleep in today. I don’t know what time Hannah or Carl woke up, but I got up at 8:30 and Mary finally rolled out at 9:30. Poor Boo-Boo, she was really tired. We plan to go into town tonight, run a couple of errands, and catch the evening worship service at church. We really had a wonderful time on vacation, but as the old saying goes, its good to be home.

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