Rural Iowa goes High Tech

Tomorrow (Wednesday) a crew from our local phone company will be coming over to wire our house for DSL high speed internet, or whatever its called. Carl set the whole thing up – all I know is its the fastest we can get (512) and they’re coming at 9 am so we’d all better be up, dressed and fed before 8:50. I’d better go to bed early tonight.

Anyway. So when Carl gets home from work tomorrow night, he’ll have to update settings on our computer so that we can use the new DSL. Then I can e-mail everyone and let you know what our new e-mail addresses are. We’ll be getting a new server and everything, so I suppose it will take me time to learn the new system.

I’m glad we’re doing this. Dial-up stinks. I only wish it were cable modem, which is even better, but this is after all rural Iowa so what can you expect? There are still people out here who don’t even have computers!!

But I digress. So watch your e-mail for our address updates, either late tomorrow night or first thing Thursday. See you then!

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