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Well, the phone crew guys have come and gone, and now I have DSL internet. They set it up on the computer and everything, so I get to use it now. I thought I’d have to wait until Carl got home tonight, because Carl said he’d have to change some settings, but if I can blog now, I will. So there.

I like our phone company. It’s small and has good customer service. You actually talk to a person when you call for help or anything. And the phone crew guys were really nice. They were early, and said “hello” when I let them in. “Hello” was followed by “That’s a big puppy!” when they saw Judah outside the kitchen door, looking in with an intense “there are strangers in my house” face. Fortunately, they didn’t have to go into the back yard for anything. They installed filters on the phone lines in the house instead of on the incoming box outside. Given the size of my dog, that’s very understandable. But they worked quickly and efficiently, and were done and gone within half an hour. Like I said, I like our phone company.

The bad news is, the wireless router Carl bought Sunday is useless, at least for the next week. That’s because the motherboard on our laptop crashed and died last night. The laptop’s still under warranty, so I’m waiting for the FedEx guy to show up with a box for me to pack the computer into. Once packed, I call FedEx back, and they come and get the box and ship it to Computer Repair Oblivion. We should get it back within five business days. So they say. Carl is hoping to get a motherboard with a faster processor. That’s a possibility, because motherboards have a shelf life of three months, and our laptop is nine months old. So here’s hoping.

Poor Carl. He’s had a rough week, ever since we got back from South Dakota. Sunday was OK, but on Monday he went to the dentist and found out he needs to have a tooth crowned. Also, when he got to work, he found out that he has to go to Wichita, KS on the Monday after his hernia surgery and give a presentation to the bigwigs at Cessna. Fortunately, they get the company plane to use, so they won’t have to stay overnight. Yesterday he went to the doctor’s office for a pre-surgery physical, and it took them forever to get it done. Then last night the laptop crashed. The poor guy cannot get a break. I think he needs a chocolate overdose to make him feel better. That always works for me.

So now I must go from the high tech world of DSL internet to the low tech world of gardening and yard work. It’s a pain, but someone’s got to do it, and since Carl’s at work and the girls are too young to run the mower, it falls to me.

Please pass the chocolate…

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