Friday Blatherskite

I started this post yesterday (June 16th) which was Hannah’s 11th birthday. We haven’t celebrated yet – we’re waiting until Monday when my Mom comes up and besides, I haven’t had a chance to do any shopping while the girls aren’t around. I hope to do some shopping this weekend while Carl spends time with our little angels.

I did ask Hannah what kind of dessert she wanted. She asked for rhubarb pie. Now, usually she takes after her Dad – she gets up early, she has his skin and hair type, asks for chocolate cake, etc. (Carl’s favorite cake is German chocolate, with coconut icing.) But in asking for pie she takes after her Grandpa Hentrich. Mom always made him pie. I know he probably had a birthday cake at some point, but I don’t remember when. Not that there’s anything wrong with birthday pie. No one around here is objecting, especially since I just bought a gallon of Schwan’s vanilla ice cream to go with it.

That was yesterday. Today I had two neighbor kids, Shannon and Jacob, over while their Mom went to the dentist. Shannon is Mary’s best buddy, and Jacob and Hannah get along well. I actually had a pretty quiet morning because the four kids kept themselves pretty well occupied. I managed to finish the laundry (by which I mean folding) now all I have to do is take it upstairs and put it away.

I keep losing the ambition I have (had?) to go mow the grass. It’s been a week, and the grass is starting to go to seed. I mean, every morning I get up and I think “OK, today’s the day I’m gonna mow the grass” but it never gets done. By noon its pretty warm out, and I’m not a huge fan of sunburn and sweat. So I find things inside to do, like laundry and dishes. (yeah, and blogging)

But I’d better go get at it. There’s a ton of yard work to do, plus I want to clean the house this weekend (before Carl goes into surgery). So if you see my ambition anywhere, would you send it back, please?

OK, Nancy, now put your legs underneath you, hoist your lazy butt out of the comfy chair…

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