Update on Carl’s Hernias

Today was the day Carl had his hernias operated on. They did a “laparoscopy” (sp?) which means they removed his Laplander genes. No, wait. That’s a “lapendectomy”. Laparoscopy means they cut a few small holes in him, stuck some very small surgical instruments in him, and fixed him up using robots and computers and monitor screens and stuff like that. I wanted to watch, but they wouldn’t let me. Darn.

Our pastor, Bill, came while Carl was waiting to go into surgery. We chatted, and he prayed with us (which was really nice) and then the nurse came and wheeled Carl into surgery. Bill and I had to leave: Bill had other stops to make, and I had to run an errand to the vacuum place that services the church’s vacuum equipment. This is really embarrassing, but I thought the belt was broken, and all the vac guy had to do was push a “reset” button, and viola! the vac was fixed. I didn’t know there was a reset button. I do now. After the vac was “fixed” the vac guy (P.J.) went out to my truck with me and loaded the vac for me. He’s a really nice guy. But while we were out there, a man approached us and looking for a ride to the other side of town. He really creeped me out. I said “My husband’s in the hospital, I have to leave” and P.J. said, “Go on” so I left. But I was afraid this guy might try to rob P.J. so I called the police and let them know about this guy. And given that my husband was in surgery at the time, this was a stressor that I really DID NOT need.

Therefore, I indulged myself in a “comfort food” lunch: an Arby’s chicken salad sandwich, chocolate shake, and apple turnover. I really like their chicken salad sandwiches, and of course chocolate anything will help a person feel better. I took my food “to go” and ate it in the vending area of the surgery center lobby.

But here I am, moaning to you about my day, and Carl’s laid out on the sofa-sleeper with a bunch of holes in his abdomen and Percocet in his bloodstream. So for the next couple days I’ll baby him completely. However, Friday I get to go to Bettendorf and help out my brother Keith, so I’ll take Mary with me and leave Hannah home with Carl. She’s a pretty good helper, plus she can feed the dog, no problem.

Well, I need to go check on Carl. But I’ll be back to give you another update as soon as I can. In the meanwhile…….PASS THE CHOCOLATE!!!

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