Picture Posting Test

This is our family’s dog, Judah. He’s a black lab-rottweiler mix. He stands 28″ at the shoulder, 36″ at the head, and weighs about 106 pounds. Mike, the city’s water meter reader person, had to be introduced to the dog by me, and I had to convince the dog that it was OK to let Mike in the yard. Even so, Mike still has to rattle the gate and let Judah know he’s there, or Judah will charge at him. Mike also bribes Judah with poochie treats, which helps. However, the person who reads our electric meter changes from month to month, so whoever comes to our house has to read the meter through binoculars because Judah won’t let him in the gate. The gas meter reader guy is lucky – the gas meter is located outside the fence.

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