So, What’s Up With Carl?

When I went to the Quad Cities this past weekend, I took Mary with me. Carl, obviously, stayed home because he’d just had surgery, and Hannah stayed with him to help him out and do the chores I usually do (like feed the dog). This worked out really well for Carl. He had his post-op physical yesterday, and the doctor said he’s doing pretty well. The doc recommended lots of walking, so he and I will begin walking together early in the morning, starting tomorrow. Why not today? Because of the lightning and thunder, that’s why.

Anyway. The doctor also told Carl not to return to work until next week, which is fine with me. Carl’s main concern about going back is what to wear. He can’t wear regular waist pants (they’re too tight on his incisions) so he tried on some “swishy” pants (the nylon shell-cotton lined athletic pants) that I have, and they fit him just fine. So he’ll borrow those until he can get his Dockers back on. (FYI – they’re called “swishy” pants because that’s what Mary calls them.)

Carl isn’t supposed to lift more than 20 pounds for the next couple of weeks, and then he can slowly begin to resume “normal” activity. He’s already resumed some normal activities like helping with the dishes, feeding the kids and other stuff that he can do standing up. We should be able to go camping July 8 as long as I do the bending and heavy lifting. This is not a problem. Carl’s a really good supervisor. The other thing Carl can do is play around on the computer. Now that he has time to sit (and do nothing else) he can play with the new DSL system we have. He’s already purchased and downloaded a bunch of music from Wal-Mart, some for him (The Cars and Foreigner) and some for me (Manhattan Transfer). He also logs in to work to check and answer his e-mails. You can take the engineer out of Rockwell, but you can’t take away his urge to work.

Carl has to go back to the doctor July 11, right after we return home from camping. It will be interesting to see how much farther he’s progressed, and what other “normal” activities he can resume. Not that he’s being all that lazy now. You’d be amazed at the things he can do standing up.

And no, you don’t get details. 😉

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